Friday, July 31, 2020

Horse Collage

A few days ago my dad showed me a picture of a cow collage and I thought, I could make one of a horse! So I did. First I got a big square of cardboard and I sketched a horse head on it. It's a bit hard to see on camera but a horse is there! After I had my sketch I stared ripping newspaper and gluing it down. 

For the sides and corners I cut it to have a smooth edge. Or another way to do it is to use the edge and corners of the newspaper/ magazine!

So I kept on ripping and gluing down. When I got to the horse I cut the newspaper to  the shape of the horse.

So after a day of ripping and gluing I got this:

I think that it definitely can out better than I expected. For the mane I just ripped black magazine into strips with points and then gluing that down.

If you look closely I put a picture of hair around the horses eyes! It is so fun to look at it closely and find what advertisement/ picture it used to be.

So this kept me occupied for a day, and it was so much fun!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Tutorial: Saddle Pads

I just got back from the fabric store with some new patterns! I thought that it would be a good idea to share how I make saddle pads.

First I pick my fabric. Today I used this swirly glitter pattern. You don't need a lot so I just bought half a yard.

Next you will need batting. People usually use this in quilts, but I will be using it in my saddle pad! I got the thinnest one to be in scale. Don't worry if it looks thick because it gets compressed as you sew.

I cut out a rectangle bigger than my saddle pad. This way I can cut the shape out later.

Once I have the rectangle I cut the batting to go in between the two layers of fabric.

To make the batting be in the middle I place it like a sandwich. I fold the fabric in half and line it up with the fold line.

Now I'm ready to sew! To start I position the needle at the corner, and then I just let it go! I don't hold it I just let the machine do the work. I know you might be wondering why I'm not holding it, well it's because this way I get a perfectly straight line.

After you have that sew line I line it up with my foot. Which in this case is the second grove. This is how I get fairly even lines.

This is defiantly the most time consuming part, if you don;t take your time the lines might come out funky and you may have to sew them again. ( I have done this many, many times. That is the reason I have so many fails!)

I sew the entire rectangle ...

untile I have enough room to cut out a saddle pad shape.

I flip it over and trace the pattern.

It should look like this:

After cutting it out the strings are all neat and finished.

*sigh* now you have to sew it again but in the other direction.

In order to get that lovely curve you have to fold it in half and trace it out.

It should look something like this:

Then I sew along that line making sure that I stay on it.

When I fold it over again it should have the nice curve, just like a real saddle pad!

Now for the part that gave me the most trouble. Cut out a long strip of a pice of fabric... longer is better!

And I sew the end to make a better finish.

Now come the hard part. I line up the edge with the middle of the saddle pad.

I then sew along the edge making sure to bend the fabric around the edges. This is the hardest part and it took my multiple tries to get it right. I recommend practicing on a piece of scrap.

At the end it should look like a really weird duck.

I flip the fabric strip to the back side and you should start to see a border.

Last I use my sewing machine to sew around the border 

And your done! Making saddle pads can be a tiring process but don't give up! The more you practice the better you get at making them.

Monday, July 27, 2020

When Your really Bored

When your really bored you will do some really weird things. A few days ago I decided to treat my dog like a horse. He didn't really like it but ai had so much fun! I misses all of my horsey friends at the barn, and this was the next best thing. So I attached his collar onto two leashes and started to "groom"him.

First you have to start the hard brush.

Remember to never go behind the " Horse" you might get bucked! Instead go in front.

After brushing with the hard brush finish it off with the "soft" brush.

By now Benji was getting a little restless from standing in place.

Look at those big eyes!

After grooming, get the saddle and put it on.

Then get the reins and clip it to the " bridle" a.k.a the collar.

And now Benji was ready to ride.

So we mostly just ran around the house with me clicking my tongue and pretending to ride him.

It was so mush fun!

A ride is not complete until you feed your horse some carrots!

Benji was not interested in the carrots,

But the guinea pigs loved them!