Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 in Review

 Well, this has been an interesting year. I started my own Etsy shop and this wonderful blog. 2020 is also the year that COVID-19 swept through, causing a pandemic. Although this year did not turn out how I thought that it would, I’m sure that 2021 will be promising. Well here is an approximate count of my work this year:

3 dressage saddles

3 hunter, jumper saddles

5 snaffle bridles

1 figure 8 bridle

1 dressage double bridle

3 dressage bridles

15 halters

10 saddle pads

I thing that that’s about it... see you in 2021!

Sunday, December 27, 2020


To continue with the gifts, I got this big guy from my mom. He is a vintage Breyer, from 1994! I wasn't even born yet!

I don't collect vintage horses, but I just love his markings especially the moon on his forehead. 

Although he does have a pretty big mark on his left shoulder,  for being 26 years old he is in great condition.

The tag that came around his neck had a little story in it.

The box even looks old!

I named the big guy Captain because he is the captain of my model horse herd!


Merry Christmas!

Hello! A few days ago, it was Christmas! It was so much fun opening gifts and I thought that I would share the horsie stuff with you!

First, I got Brookside Pink Magnum. I wanted a pony to make pony tack, and I think that he is the most adorable thing!

I just love how his coloring is! I've decided to name him Strawberry.

I also got this miniature violin.

I really love the details on it like the strings, f holes, and chin rest.

Now I just have to think of fun set-ups to use this little prop...


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Happy Holidays

It almost Christmas! I can't wait until I can open my presents. I was examining the shapes, and I think that there is at least one new model in there!

Since it is the holidays, I created this holiday halter. Basically its a red halter with green padding.

I think that it makes Dominante look really handsome!

By the way, I'm almost finished with a new jumping saddle!


Thursday, December 17, 2020

Winter Photos

 Today is snowed! After playing in the snow for a bit I decided to take a few pictures outside. It's really fun to find cool ways to take a good photo. For example, I took many photos on my patio table!

These photos were taken on my playground! I really like them because it looks like a barn in the background.

Benji playing in the snow.

Friday, December 11, 2020

A Super Long Girth

Recently I sold two hunter sets. A few days ago the lady told me that the girths for the saddles were too short. I thought that this was weird, because the girths had fit on all of my models. Anyway, today I made two extra long girths. 

Here is the girth compared to a dressage girth.  

She also requested that instead of buckles, if I could use hooks. I had never heard of a girth with hooks, but I managed to invent a hook attachment!

How the hooks work is that you use these small attachments to buckle it to the saddle. Then you can use the D rings to hook on the girth!

Here's a little tip: if you need a really small bag to ship of tack items, you can use the tiny bags that the stirrups come in!

(Just peel of the Rio Rondo sticker first)


Monday, December 7, 2020

Check List: Dressage Double Bridle

 I'm so, so, so sorry about the silence! I lost my phone all week and I never had the chance to take any photos! This week I have been really busy, I made my first double bridle and a dressage saddle. 

Let me just say that I really struggled with this bridle. I spent an hour fiddling with the curb strap to get it on just right! Although I worked really hard on it, my work paid off. I really like how my bridle looks and I can't wait to take some good photos.

On Friday I ran out of the leather lace that I dyed, so I had to use my pre- dyed lace. If your asking, why don't you use pre- dyed lace all the time instead of dying it yourself? Well it's because the pre- dyed lace is REALLY hard to skive. (You can cut through it so easily)

This was all of my shavings:

By the way, we put our Christmas tree up! I can't wait for Christmas to arrive. ( I'm already thinking of some festive model horse photos!)

Monday, November 23, 2020

Dog Collars

     My dad wanted to go to Michaels, so I just had to tag along. You never know what things you will need from Michaels! When we got there I was looking at the ribbon when I saw the shelf for miniature animals!  Let's just say, I now have a Jack Russell and Golden Retriever puppy in my collection. What should I name them?

Being the tack maker that I am I made them dog collars! This should have been an easy task, but today my skiving really struggled. I probably cut through a foot of leather lace. 😂

Here is the end result. It's nice knowing that I made something for a dog and not just horses!