Tuesday, August 24, 2021

First Day of School

      Yesterday was my first day of 8th grade. It’s really my first time in middle school as I was 100% virtual last year. My first impression of middle school, is that it’s quite hectic. There are so many people in the halls, and I have to constantly worry about what class to go to next. On the plus side, I met a lot of my old friends. The classes are also a lot more fun, especially my electives. 

My picture made it into the yearbook!

     I’m especially excited about science. I can’t wait to try some hands on experiments and learn all about animals and the world. 

     This year, my school decided not to use lockers. So I have to carry my backpack to each class and let me just say, my backpack is HEAVY! I need every book, pencil supplies, my computer, not to mention a binder for each class. 

     Even though I’ve been busy with starting school this week, I managed to make a model horse bridle. Notice anything different about it?

     I added buckle tongues! Adding buckle tongues has always been on my check list and now I’ve done it! I think from now on I’ll only use buckles with tongues as it makes tacking up much easier. (In my opinion) 

    It feels great to start off the school year with a clean slate, I can’t wait to learn new things! 



  1. No lockers, what were they thinking??! Congrats on the buckle tongues; those are hard to get right. You're off to a good start.

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